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The Role of Muenster

ImageThe Holy Roman Empire and Sweden declared the preparations of Cologneand the Treaty of Hamburg to be preliminaries of an overall peace agreement. This larger agreement was to be negotiated in Westphalia, in the neighbouring cities of Muenster and Osnabrueck.

Lugo e a lírica medieval

María X. Rodríguez Valcárcel

Lugo and the Medieval Lyrics

María X. Rodríguez Valcárcel

Lugo´s province, as it couldn´t be other way, was present in the lives and poetical outputs of our Medieval poets, either because it was their birth place or it was their living residence or because it was mentioned in some of their compositions. Next, we are going to give details of this relationship.

Influxo da lírica provenzal na poesía europea medieval

María X. Rodríguez Valcárcel

Os trobadores e xograres occitanos frecuentaron directamente as cortes hispánicas, italianas, inglesas e alemás de forma asidua despois do primeiro decenio do século XIII a consecuencia da diáspora provocada pola cruzada contra os albixenses. Este feito debeu contribuír a difundir os seus modelos poéticos e poría as bases para a formación das escolas nacionais dos troveri, dos Minnesänger, dos galego-portugueses e dos sicilianos.

Influence of the Provençal lyrics from Occitania on Medieval European poetry

María X. Rodríguez Valcárcel

The Occitan troubadours were frequent visitors to the Spanish, English and German courts after the first decade of the 13th century as a result of the Diaspora which was caused by the Albigensian Crusade. In that way, their poetic models spread and laid the basis of National Schools as the troveri, Minnesänger, the Galician-Portuguese and the Sicilians.

Georgios Iakovidis


Biography & Museum

Greek Art on the 19th Century

Greek modern artists absorbed many elements from their other European painters.

Studying abroad was imperative for Greek artists. Munich was the place where the majority of them chose to study. Later on, they would return to Greece and pass on their knowledge.

Acropolis as a Part of the European History

Acropolis as a Part of the European (and World) History

May 2011


We are all Greeks. Our laws, our literature, our religion, our arts have their root in Greece.
P.B. Shelley

The art of engraving maps in copper plates


Film of Kevin Mulder for the Grundtvig project. By courtesy of the Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam


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