The Muenster Rebellion


The Muenster Rebellion was an attempt by radical Anabaptists to establish a communal sectarian government in the German city of Muenster.
The city became an Anabaptist center from 1534 to 1535, and fell under Anabaptist rule for 18 months from February 1534 until its fall in June 1535 when the city hall was seized by the Anabaptists and Bernhard Knipperdolling installed as mayor.
After obstinate resistance, the city was taken by the besieging bishop on June 24, 1535, and in January 1536 the leading Anabaptists, after being tortured, were executed in the marketplace. Their dead bodies were exhibited in cages, which were hung from the steeple of St. Lambert's Church. The cages still hang there, though the bones were removed later.


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