The Lugo Project Meetings

Meeting 2011

THURSDAY 12th October

  • Arrival in Santiago de Compostela,
  • Visiting the historical city of Santiago (Unesco World Heritage), guided tour of the city and the cathedral

FRIDAY 13th October

  • Visiting A Coruna: Harbour, Roman Lighthouse, old part of the city

SATURDAY 14th October

  • Visiting a Roman spa, San Paio de Narla, Sta. Eulalia de Bóveda, a
  • Roman temple and a medieval castle and its museum, visiting Viladonga Hillfort (Castro de Viladonga)

SUNDAY 15th October

  • Visiting the north coast of Lugo (Lugo Costa) and a local fair in the village of Meira

MONDAY 16th October

  • Visiting the school of adult education with students having a disadvantaged background.
  • Visiting the museums in the city  and the Roman Wall (Unesco World Heritage):
    • Mithraeum
    • House of the Mosaics
    • Interpretation centres of st. James Way and the Roman Wall
    • Cathedral

TUESDAY 17th October

  • Morning:
    Working at school, evaluating the project so far
  • Afternoon:
    Visiting Lugo
    • Downtown
    • Roman Wall
    • Porta Miñá museum
    • San Roque museum

WEDNESDAY 18th October

  • Morning:
    reception by the Mayor of Lugo in the town hall
  • Afternoon:
    Visiting the museum, an aspect of popular culture of Lugo

THURSDAY 20th October

  • Final meeting at school,
  • departure from Santiago airport in the afternoon


Meeting 2008


Video made by Louis Schmidt from the first Lugo visit in 2008:


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