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Antonio Bernárdez Sobreira

Galicia is a rugged territory, alternanting high and flat surfaces, as a result of a geomorphological process of erosion and fracture of a very ancient relief. Galician high mountains became as a refuge of natural biodiversity and, besides, of social and ethnographical biodiversity too. From Lugo's province, we explain Ancares and Courel ranges and from Ourense, Xurés range. The three of them have in common the relict of their relief, fauna and flora, like living witnesses of glacial era. Furthermore, geographical isolation favored the conservation of a rich cultural heritage, both linguistic as of customs and of architectural and artistic creations. Otherwise, they are three different places from a socioeconomical point of view, with propitiate uses clearly overcome in other places. We talk, then, about peculiar territories regarding to geographical and human aspects, special places and relics of a finished time.









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